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Consumers seeking for unattributable virtual private networking (VPN) suppliers will be well advised to contemplate Torguard VPN. This recognised supplier provides seven day money-back guarantee for many new VPN customers, so consumers could be guaranteed if they’ve difficulties with utilizing it on their apparatus Torguard will refund all cash or setting up the VPN.

Taking out a VPN with businesses offering guaranteed cash back intervals does give only a little time to experiment using the service, discover what VPN is around and come to conclusions regarding whether this is what’s really needed to the consumer. Torguard do have some restrictions on their money back guarantee, customers must be under the 10GB information limit so that you can get a total 100 percent refund. Additionally customers who opt to get a dedicated IP will find these are nonrefundable. Besides that, it may be considered the seven day 100 percent money-back guarantee is a little just like a seven day trial offer interval.

The Torguard VPN is pretty pricey compared to other suppliers, nevertheless this service will enable as many as five simultaneous connections from Internet devices. Other suppliers may only allow one connection any any given time. So this supplier is very large within the VPN supplier domain Torguard have servers in more than 42 state places.

>From a security standpoint, Torguard take user anonymity as an essential requirement to the service and do not keep logs of user action. In addition they permit payment for cost strategies by Bitcoins that is anonymous, so it’s not impossible for Torguard customers to stay completely anonymous. This is actually a great selling feature for torrenting and P2P customers who might feel motive to want anonymity that is whole, also customers where government surveillance and censorship is common, based in regions of the world may have greater assurance in this supplier due to their guarantee of anonymity that is absolute online.

Customer service from Torguard can be obtained via an e-mail ticketing system or live chat and there’s also plenty of advice about the web site of the firm, even though it’s occasionally hard to track down details. Independent reviews have emphasized this service as being incredibly rapidly, which is an excellent point for most Internet users and it is not difficult get up and running with Torguard VPN pretty rapidly and to download the program to Internet apparatus.

Torguard has an extensive selection of distinct server places around the world, which gives users access to IP adresses fromĀ Germany, Egypt, Switzerland, Singapore, Malaysia, Sweden, Turkey, Panama, Iceland, Spain, France, Italy, Brazil, Australia, Hong Kong, Russia, Tunisia, Romania, USA, Ukraine, Japan, Poland, Norway, England, Netherlands, Finland, India and New Zealand.

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