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The VPN supplier GoVPNGo was set up in 2010 innovator by programmer and present CEO Mark Noon. Now, the servers for GoVPNGo are seen in both Japan and Hong Kong (more than twenty are in use).

This VPN service is centred around providing quick and dependable network coverage to individuals who could possibly be travelling abroad, as many will estimate. This service could be viewed as perfect for those that certainly will just be utilising GoVPNGo to get a small period of time daily and might not need a significant amount of bandwidth. In simplest terms, this VPN applications is a little more fundamental than its rivals. Let’s take a closer look at a number of of the finer points connected with GoVPNGo.
Pricing Bundles

Notwithstanding a trial offer interval that offers a bandwidth of two megabytes per second and is valid for 2 days, there are three programmes to pick from.

The Essential package is priced at $4.99 dollars per month and will accommodate up to two hours of use each day (with endless web traffic).
The Typical choice is priced at $7.99 dollars a month, there are no use limitations and the bandwidth has been updated to four megabytes per second.
The Premium bundle costs $14.99 dollars a month and provides unlimited bandwidth, web traffic and there are no time constraints. It’s worth noting that the premium that is JUST will support peer to peer file sharing.

A lot of the attributes which can be found by GoVPNGo are considered the industry standard. As an example, the program now uses 128-bit encryption (compared to the 256-bit used from the most sophisticated VPN networks). It needs to be mentioned that it seems that just a tiny download must start the service; the service could be obtained by logging to the GoVPNGo web site, selecting the right server and connecting as well as most of the extra applications is within the cloud. Therefore, connecting is considerably more “hands on” than with other suppliers. A cellular program called OpenVPN Connect is also readily available for cellular devices. There are other characteristics worth noting:

The program is supported by Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2000.
Cached servers provide faster access to frequently visited sites, video or music files and Internet content.
“Shadow Websites” can help ensure that the ISP is not as likely to be blocked.
Servers within Asia and Australia (updating to Europe and the Usa soon).
Server redundancy.
A trial offer interval (limited functionality).

Specific Add-Ons

Although GoVPNGO can look like a little “bare bones” VPN, there are really several notable initiations to be viewed.
IP Vagrant

It is a newer system that can dynamically change VPN servers based upon web traffic. Basically, this process helps you to make sure the customer isn’t blocked from accessing a particular site. Nevertheless, this might not get rid of the threat completely.
Cloud Memory

Client information is cached in some dedicated servers, as seen in the attributes section above. In a way, this could be considered as similar into a “quick links” section on a normal Internet platform. With this information easily accessible, files and sites will soon have the capacity to be obtained quicker than under standard VPN states (according to GoVPNgo).
Evaluation of Characteristics

It should be noted that GoVPNGo is a supplier that was comparatively youthful and now, it’s especially intended for people who are thinking about travelling to Australasia or reside. Having said this, the key masters of the system may be looked at as:

Low pricing and strategies that are adaptive.
No contractual obligations.
Applications that is lightweight.
Amenable streaming speeds.

Nevertheless, there are some remarkable negatives that must be taken into account like:

128-encryption as opposed to 256 bit.
GoVPNGo uses PPTP connections compared to SSL.
A limited variety of operating systems are supported.
No anonymous payment systems.
Cached information raises the inquiry of anonymity that is accurate.
Comparatively low download limits and narrow bandwidth.
P2P sharing is just available in the premium bundle.

A closing metric that seems to be lacking in the current is a robust degree of customer care. The web site is composed somewhat clumsily and according with their particular admission, regular e-mail or merely a contact request form can be obtained. Then, the customer will likely be attended to in a single business day (note that this is correlated using the Australian time zone).

There are really some drawbacks connected with GoVPNGo when it comes to client support and functionality, encryption levels. However, those people who are trying to find a VPN that can however offer fundamental services and is minimalistic tend to have GoVPNGo.

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