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StrongVPN is based from San Francisco, California, having a presence in cities like Washington DC and Nyc. Initially founded as a pc retailer, the firm has exploded considering that the turn of the millennium into a VPN supplier, using many its own core team having been in place. Now, StrongVPN is among the very high profile and widely used VPN services on the planet, offering its users additional privacy when a means of circumventing and browsing geo- content that is limited. Additionally it is noteworthy for being among the VPN suppliers that are top for Chinese users.
The way that it Works

Upon finishing the set up and registration procedure, users are given access from that they have been assigned a fresh IP address, altering the internet footprint they leave behind and essentially making them anonymous. Also, all web traffic is encrypted to further protect secrecy.

With its most fundamental program, StrongVPN utilises a PPTP protocol just, which will be totally sufficient for unblocking geo- censored or limited content, but is less safe than other protocols.

But, by updating to among the programs that are higher priced, users get access to OpenVPN, which offers a lot more complete degrees of solitude. StrongVPN’s services can be utilized on a PC using Windows or Linux, on Macs, as well as on mobile phones using iOS operating systems or the Android. Although a significant amount of private info is requested the set up procedure on all apparatus is easy. At present, Windows, Kindle and Blackberry Mobile apparatus will not be supported.
StrongVPN Servers across the world:

Hong Kong, Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Singapore, Turkey and Usa.

When it comes to cost, the most basic package of StrongVPN costs $7 per month, although customers must invest to get at least three months. What this means is that if a person thinks to make use of the service once is $21. From that point, StrongVPN features a cost construction that is reasonably complex, but basically the more you pay, the larger array of states and servers you’ve access to and the tighter the security protocols become.

The most high-priced ‘Premium’ bundle has a three month minimum period and costs $30 a month. StrongVPN does offer an unconditional seven day money-back guarantee although there are not any trial offer possibilities. What this means is that any users who will not be fully pleased using the service through that time period are not unable to close their account and get the full refund.

Privacy and Security

One facet of the StrongVPN service which increases some question marks is the amount of security and seclusion offered to users. In the end, these problems are a couple of the greatest reasons people turn to VPN suppliers and, as mentioned earlier, there are security problems with PPTP. For its part, the firm states that when using the service, including files that are downloaded or site visits, it will not generally track or record logs of any user’s task.

Nevertheless, some information, including the period duration of connection and bandwidth used, of link, is accumulated. For anyone seeking the very best degree of security and anonymous browsing the fundamental undeniable fact the firm can be found in America is as a result of state’s laws on web information retention, a possible red flag. Furthermore, the firm has developed a reputation for taking a tough stand from the downloading of information that was copyrighted by blocking users and reacting severely to DRM grievances.

While the moral problem of illegal downloads could be debated, the truth is that a service which means to offer protection can blocks, according to the things they download, users. That fact raises some concerns on the actual degree of anonymity and solitude offered.
The Customer
The application client is not difficult to use. All private information is shown by it in a glance and you’ll be able to select readily every IP place you will need. Simply connect or disconnect following the collection of your settings together with the button.

On the flip side, one among the largest plus points of the service is the absolute amount of customer service it offers to users. Because of this, support and assistance is not far away and any problems a customer queries they raise or meetings may be solved immediately. provides a live chat service, which works 24 hours a day, seven days per week. Additionally, support can be obtained via phone, an internet forum located through Skype, and using a person in the support team on the web site.
Pros and Cons
Pro StrongVPN:

Supplies great connection speeds and is successful at enabling users to get limited content and blocked.
User interface is outstanding as well as the customer support choices available are outstanding.
Among the VPN suppliers that are top readily available for users in China.

Contra StrongVPN:

– Severe treatment of users suspected of sharing copyrighted content downloading and/or.
– Potential question marks on the actual degree of information retention policy and the privacy.
– Service is not cheap in comparison with the simplest bundle as well as a few other VPN suppliers is very restricted.

The most fundamental service of decision StrongVPN has several security constraints and even though it’s good for getting around geo-blocking, in reality a simple DNS service is going to do something similar, for a cost that is substantially more affordable. Having said that, the higher priced bundles give an improved service, appropriate for the speeds from the network as well as just about any job are fast.

The user interface is sleek and simple to manage, while the customer support of StrongVPN is an important plus point over several other services. However, if users intend to make use of a VPN to download content that is copyrighted, the policy of blocking users of StrongVPN is not unlikely to allow it to be unsuitable for the job.

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