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Created in 2008, HideIPVPN has grown into among the leading VPN suppliers, specifically for American and European users and is situated in Moldova. At present, the organization has servers situated in the Netherlands, the United Kingdon, Germany, Canada as well as America.

Using ninja and its name -inspired symbol, the organization mainly advertises itself around the thought of remaining imperceptible on-line, to ensure cyber criminals, companies, sites as well as your personal Internet Service Provider cannot track, record or command your web browsing habits.

The way that it Functions

Unlike with many VPN suppliers, users hold the choice of changing settings or installing a software client so that you can make use of the VPN service. Both alternatives have pitfalls and benefits. For example, applications is more user friendly and simpler to setup for inexperienced users, while the manual settings get rid of the possibility of applications failure.

After connected to a HideIPVPN server, users are given a fresh IP address and DNS resolvers that were new, while all web traffic is encrypted. ISPs is only going to visit a flow of encrypted information involving the VPN server as well as the client, meaning that they are going to not be able to track web activity.

Along with allowing increased solitude and users anonymity whilst online, protection and security raises from the risk of cyber offenders and offers a powerful solution to work approximately limited or blocked content, including video content which is geo-limited.


The HideIPVPN service are available in several methods, with single-state server access available for $5.99 a month. Muli-state bundles can be found for $9.99 a month, access to all servers is available for $11.95 a month and a special P2P/Torrent VPN service can be bought for $7.90. Clients can invest for 6 month, 3 month or 12 month periods, with each period offering a small reduction on the monthly cost.

While the firm also offer a 3 day money-back guarantee for customers with reservations regarding the item, a 24 hour free trial can be acquired. Yet, beyond that point, receiving a refund is not easy. HideIPVPN do not offer refunds for just about any speed related problems and tend to just provide refunds in the event of faulty applications.

Privacy and Security

Like all great VPN suppliers, HideIPVPN tend not to track of keep logs of the customers’ on-line action. A log of fundamental info, including link times, is maintained for customer service reasons. Nevertheless, all of the info is kept before being deleted, which is among the very see-through privacy policies approximately.

In spite of having less observation, there are to the service can be used, some retrictions. P2P programs are only able to be be utilized on Netherlands and the German -based anyone and servers using those programs on the US, Canadian servers or UK will see their account frozen, with no chance to get a refund.
The Customer

When it comes to support, HideIPVPN drops somewhat behind the top VPN services in so much as it doesn’t supply live skype chat or phone support for customers. Instead, clients apply the support ticketing system and can log into your client place on the site, or e-mail the firm for support.

For their part, HideIPVPN strive to respond within 12 hours, but they are counted against by having less instant help accessible somewhat. Having said that, the site does also incorporate a complete Frequently Asked Questions section, which covers most matters customers will likely face.
Pros and Cons
Master HideIPVPN:

P2P services and torrents are supported, although only on the servers that are designated.
All leading VPN protocols are supported, from fundamental proxy services through to Open VPN and L2TP/IPSec.
Free trial means folks can try the service.
Option of utilizing manual set up or applications customer, according to personal settings.

Contra HideIPVPN:

– Deficiency of info that can be found regarding the absolute amount of servers.
– Servers are now based without servers in Asia, in Europe or North America.
– Accounts are unable to be utilized on over three distinct apparatus at once.
– Refunds are only issued in situations where applications is flawed.


HideIPVPN is a sound service, which has a powerful policy in regards to protecting the privacy of its own customers, is simple to setup, has a variety of alternatives and offers great speeds.

Although there are a few limitations on which servers are utilized for it, the reality that P2P and Torrents are supported is a massive plus point for the business, as many other VPN suppliers in this very day and age have a zero tolerance policy in regards to that particular kind of filesharing.

The key negatives to the service are it is tough to get a refund for anything other than applications that is faulty, while there are now no servers beyond Europe and North America, and in those places, just five states in total have servers.

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