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Based having an important presence in Germany, from Bucharest, Romania, CyberGhost has grown into among the largest Virtual Private Network suppliers out there and was initially founded in 2004. ., now, the service has more than 2 million users with approximately 300,000 unique users logging into the service every month

Unlike many VPN suppliers, CyberGhost offers an entirely free service, without any obligation to join a paid membership. In addition, there are just two distinct paid services, which provide added advantages to users, such as a better array of choices as well as quicker speeds.

The way that it Functions

CyberGhost VPN supplies its users with the internet connection that is anonymous, protecting secrecy, enabling accessibility to geo or blocked – content that is limited and helping to resist with the risk of cyber and hacking fraud. The service may be used on a PC, tablet PC or cellular telephone and CyberGhost may be used for uploading, downloading, browsing or chatting online.

To be able to use the VPN, users must download a free and easy-to-install program, which will not request information that is personal. After setup, a user has use of the CyberGhost VPN network.

When connected to the network, users are supplied encrypted web connection, which keeps your information secure and safe. Additionally, a variety of IP addresses that are new is going to be offered, giving users a new identity that is online, making them invisible and anomymous. Their first IP address is hidden entirely.

CyberGhost VPN Servers across the world:

Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Great Britain, America as well as Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine.

Cost Strategies

CyberGhost offers three distinct cost strategies, using the standard strategy being totally free, without duty. The complimentary service provides connection speeds that are ordinarily adequate, although they are able to change according to which of the 37 servers you’re connected to.

The key drawbacks to the complimentary service are an automatic disconnection after six hours of good use, the existence of occasional adverts and a 1 Mb/s speed cap. Nevertheless, users can manually reconnect instantly, so it’s not a significant issue taking into consideration the standard of service supplied cost-free.

For more demanding users, two distinct paid subscriptions will also be accessible. The premium service costs GBP4.49 per month, while the premium plus service is GBP6.99 per month. Both alternatives can be found as a one-month, 12-month or 24-month subscription and GyberGhost provides a totally free one-month trial for the premium service.

Neither paid subscription services have the automatic disconnection or adverts . Moreover, both give you a total of 288 servers and significantly enhanced connection speeds in the service that is complimentary. The 256-bit encryption that was OpenVPN is allowed for premium plus members.

Privacy and Security

Although Romania is a part of the data retention laws of the European Union, those laws never have been efficiently applied and CyberGhost offer guarantees they cannot record or save their user’s web activity.

A antispy add to the program on feature offers various alternatives, which may supply greater guarantees and heightened protection to users they are browsing.

Among the sole limitations to the CyberGhost VPN service is the sending of e-mails. Within an effort to stop spammers from utilizing the network, e-mails are unable to be sent utilizing the service. Nevertheless, e-mail accounts may be added to an exceptions list, significance e-mails may be sent, only not through the VPN.


Support can be obtained from several sources, including a direct on-line chat function, which gives the quickest choice for customers wanting to receive guidance, help or tips. Farther direct support is offered via a web-based newsgroup.

Furthermore, the CyberGhost web site has a complete Frequently Asked Questions section, which covers the great bulk of concerns or questions users will likely raise, with no need to speak with anyone.

Pros and Cons

Pro CyberGhost:

Totally free and more than acceptable for many needs, with paid services for anyone desiring quicker speeds.
Speeds on the two paid membership services are outstanding.
Simple to setup, exceptional user interface and lots of choices to play with.
No logs of user information or browsing info kept or are accumulated by the firm.

Contra CyberGhost:

– Free service automatically disconnects users although users can reconnect immediately.
– Bulk of servers are located in Europe or North America, significance users elsewhere may endure slower speeds.


CyberGhost VPN provides a secure, secure, simple-to-use VPN service, totally cost-free and aside from several minimal limitations that might disturb some folks, it’s more than acceptable for many people’s needs.

For all those with somewhat greater demands, two pretty low-cost paid services can be found, removing the constraints related to the complimentary version and offering better speeds.

The reality that CyberGhost doesn’t maintain logs of user’s information and internet use and offers a totally free service causes it to be a precious VPN supplier, appropriate for anonymous browsing, heightening avoiding or security geo-limited content with no anxiety about being tracked.

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