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Perfect Privacy offers a secure VPN service, especially satisfied to consumers looking for a number of the most effective anonymity plans that are on-line. The business offer 36 servers around the planet located in 23 different states (as at December 2014), although their service is very suited to European consumers as a result of server places.

Perfect-Solitude has servers in: Canada, Germany, USA, Turkey, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Australia, Egypt, China, Ukraine, UK, Russia, Panama, Iceland, Brazil, Sweden, Israel, Japan, Lithuania and Romania.

Signing up with Perfect Privacy is a case of enrolling for the service and choosing the best available payment strategy. Payment plans may be taken out over longer intervals or at discounted rates in advance. Perfect Privacy will not provide the most affordable VPN service out there, but it will give users that are seeking a few of the very protected VPNs to the marketplace currently great security and anonymity. It is not impossible to pay using several payment options for a strategy, including BitCoin for customers who do not need to supply more than an email address with their account enrollment. Bitcoins could be purchased online on platforms like localbitcoins or

A lot of the Perfect Privacy management and user information is accessible to active customers who are able to get member places on the web site, even though the newsgroup does provide some fundamental info and details on fixes and common issues that users experience. Perfect Privacy will not provide any trial period for customers to check the service out as well as the site is pretty vague on whether or not any money back guarantee is offered to consumers.

They do so that is no area which the business focus, offer customer support more info can be found on the Member website. Online reviews of the Perfect Privacy customer care encounter seem to emphasize it is just possible to get in touch with support services through the contact form on the business web site or via e-mail and they’ve been rather lousy when it comes to solving customer queries and issues.

Even though the data is somewhat thin rather than so all-inclusive as details given by other VPN suppliers, they do offer guidelines and tutorials for downloading the VPN to customer apparatus. In some respects this can be very a poor display from Perfect Privacy, given the fact their VPN is among the very most expensive in the marketplace.

Perfect Privacy supplies a “How To” section on its web site giving customers advice on the best way to download the VPN to several apparatus. Customers will find details on loading the Perfect Privacy VPN for Apple iOS Windows, Apple Mac OS X, Linux and routers. Accessible protocols contain Squid proxies and OpenVPN, IPSec, SSH2 Tunnel, SOCKS5 proxies with L2TP and PPTP accessible on devices including iOS.

Professional VPN users will locate security aspects of the degree of encryption does offer reassurance and anybody who appreciate regular file sharing actions may also find this service ideal as Perfect Privacy don’t have any issues with P2P and torrenting actions from most of the servers. The servers in America are blocked for a few file sharing as a result of strict copyright laws working inside the States.

In the standpoint of speed evaluations Perfect Privacy is pretty slow, which is usually to be expected given the high security amounts used by the website. In this regard data transfer speeds may well disappoint any customer attempting to stream popular media. Most VPNs do work at speeds that are slower than those which can be performed by ISPs but the elevated rates of encryption that Perfect Privacy offer does slow down the service exceptionally. That is likely an excellent selection of supplier, yet for the typical Internet browser and filesharing customer the speed slow down could be a negative factor with this particular service, where customers need encryption amounts that are similar to those experienced by government security agencies.

Anybody that wants to stay anonymous while browsing sites and transferring information and has genuine doubts about Internet privacy is advised to subscribe to a VPN to reach overall satisfaction. Perfect Privacy is among the providers that offers a service which satisfies needs for anonymity and does take its customers security problems on board.

On the other hand, the significant prices for the business cost strategies as well as the speed slow down are of serious concern. Users who need to get a VPN service which targets customers and the European networks may find because so many servers are in this region, this VPN is the ideal option. Many VPN customers want to join using an organization offering more servers inside America, nevertheless, and servers across the Middle East, Asia and Africa are a favorable edge offered by a few of the VPN suppliers that are larger.

Although costs may set the Perfect Privacy VPN out of reach to many people overall, it is an excellent service for customers with low speed expectancies but high importance of anonymity online.

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