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Based in Hong Kong, 12VPN is a Virtual Private Network service supplied by Anuson Limited, which continues to be in operation. During the previous couple of years, 12VPN has customers throughout the planet and has appeared as one among the most famous and successful VPN suppliers in the Asian marketplace.

Track, monitor or offering seclusion and security when browsing the web, users can feel a heightened awareness of protection against efforts to hack their web connection. Additionally, customers obtain independence to get into content that is obstructed by area, ensuring users have fewer constraints put upon their on-line experience.
The way that it Works

Users get access to the customer’s installer, which sets the 12VPN program onto the wanted PC or mobile apparatus after finishing a comparatively uncomplicated signup procedure. From that point, the customer’s IP address will probably be hidden and replaced together with the IP address of the chosen 12VPN sever.

Unlike some VPN suppliers, which may possess most of the servers in a single area, 12VPN has all servers all around the world, Great Britain, including America, Germany, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong. This ensures quick access and is an important plus point for the service over some competitors -blocked content.

Protocols include L2TP plain, OpenVPN, IKEv2, PPTP and L2TP/IPSec.

12VPN may be used on a Mac, or on a PC using Windows or Linux. Also, among the more significant plus points of the service is its availability on an extensive selection of tablet PC platforms and mobile phone, with iOS Android and Blackberry devices all supported.
The places of 12VPN servers:

Hong Kong, Australia, Germany, France, Great Britain, Israel, Japan, Canada, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Singapore, USA

With multiple pricing strategies readily available for users in comparison to other similar services, 12VPN is fairly priced. The essential strategy costs a little over $4 per month, while a cellular pricing strategy can be obtained for only $2.49 per month. Nevertheless, one disadvantage is the fact that both strategies require users to invest for the full year, that might be offputting.

A pricing strategy that is higher priced can be obtained, named ‘infinite’. Accessible for $8.25 a month, it offers significantly superior download speeds of up to 1000 Mbps and unlike the more affordable alternatives, it’s accessible as a 3 or 6 month commitment.

Regardless of the long dedication required for the standard merchandise, 12VPN now offers customers a 14 day money-back guarantee at the start, for those not completely pleased using the service. This can, for all intents and purposes, be put to use as a 14 day trial offer, ensuring that users do not need to blindly commit to some year’s worth of payments.

Privacy and Security

The service is advertised as a tool for improving internet security while offering military grade encryption, shielding web use from being detected by sources that were unwanted. 12VPN may be used to be able to connect to the web wherever you happen to be on earth.

The number of VPN protocols accessible is a massive plus point and 12VPN uses 128-bit or 256-bit encryption techniques for OpenVPN, which can be regarded as the most effective protocol for browsing that is really anonymous.

For its part, the organization promises customers that it doesn’t track or save logs of task or any user’s browsing information. Because of this, it an appropriate service for people who have concerns about seclusion that is web or are concerned about snooping. Yet, like many services that are similar, 12VPN runs a P2P policy, that might put away some users.

Among the few negative areas of the 12VPN service is its support department. When it comes to contact, e-mail is really the only choice, while other VPN suppliers offer Skype live chat and phone support.

Having said that, with individuals working 24 hours a day in the job the business make an effort to react to e-mails when you possibly can. However, it’s unavoidable that some users will face a delay in receiving guidance or help on any problems that might appear.
Pros and Cons
Pro 12VPN:

Moderately priced, when using a money-back guarantee, out there.
Infinite information on all the cost and quick speeds strategies except the cellular-only strategy.
Servers in states all around the globe, rather than bunched in a couple of places.

Contra 12VPN:

– No telephone or live chat support, significance customers with problems may confront a delay in receiving help.
– One year minimum period on cellular and fundamental cost strategies may prove too much of a dedication for a number of users.


Using remarkable speeds and its competitive pricing, 12VPN is a strong Virtual Private Network service, appropriate for the requirements of the majority of users. The variety of servers accessible means that blocked content from all around the globe may be obtained, while the encryption ensures browsing stays anonymous and private.

The sole drawbacks really are a P2P policy, a somewhat lacking customer support section as well as the year long dedication needed for the standard service, although a 14 day guarantee basically functions as a trial alternative for customers with uncertainties.

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