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Virtual private networks (VPNs) are a great option for any Internet consumer who has concerns about Internet privacy and security. People who like to think they should be anonymous on the Internet will appreciate the benefits of a VPN. Expats, frequent travellers and people studying abroad will also enjoy the benefit of being able to log into popular media streaming channels and geographically blocked websites when they take out a VPN plan.

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Consumers who have never used VPNs before could be confused about which provider to opt for, as there are so many different companies with a range of options to choose from. Registering with a VPN provider who offers a free trial period and money back guarantee does give customers peace of mind and a sense of security. IBVPN is one company that gives a free trial of its VPN, although it’s only for 24 hours. This 24 hour free trial gives newbie VPN users a chance to find out how VPNs operate and whether the IBVPN software works properly with the relevant Internet device of the customer. The money back guarantee from IBVPN is for the first 15 days of any price plan. This money back guarantee gives new customers even more opportunity to check out the IBVPN service with all Internet-enabled devices and make sure it works alright and also that speeds are at acceptable levels.

IBVPN are one of the bigger VPN providers and offer 100 servers based in 35 different countries around the world (at February 2015). Independent reviewers confirm the speeds achieved using IBVPN can be fast, although this depends on the chosen protocol. Torrenting customers could be disappointed with speeds out of the Netherlands or Luxembourg, however. When it comes to torrenting, some providers will not allow the activity at all while other providers only allow torrenting via specific servers located in countries that do not have stringent copyright protection legislation, or they permit torrenting from offshore servers.

IBVPN offer a variety of price plans to suit individual customer needs. All of the complete VPN plans provide the added benefit of Smart DNS, allowing customers to stream popular blocked or restricted TV channels direct to a Smart TV or other Internet-enabled device. They also offer a torrent only VPN which does not include Smart DNS.

This is a good value provider with options to choose the price plan required. The ability to take out a free trial for 24 hours and the money back guarantee means customers have no need to worry about losing money if the service is inappropriate for their requirements.

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